Who we are

Business Summary

We are a Zimbabwean based company serving the beauty Sector, with it’s core business being importer and
distributor of quality products to the Zimbabwean market.


Kiss Kiss was registered 15th October 2008 With a vision to become one of the biggest importer and distributor of branded beauty products on Zimbabwean Market. Company only started with three employees but with hard work and dedication have quickly managed to secure a large customer base one of which was Spar Supermarket chain.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to become the recognized industry leader by our customers in the beauty sector in which we compete. To be known by the outstanding quality of product and service we provide. Increase sales through exploring and penetrating all possible region markets.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a good corporate citizen committed to providing the Zimbabwean market with high quality Beauty products at affordable prices, a good employer who recruits and retains highly skilled and motivated employees who produce service that satisfy and exceed customer expectations and maximize profits to ensure the company’s growth and inevitably national economic growth.

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